Logo Design + Branding


To me, your logo should not only be a pretty piece of your brand, but also an introduction into the beautiful story that your brand will tell.

Your brand is unique to you, there is no other brand like it, and there never will be. Your brand encapsulates everything that you were, are, and will be, and it will grow with you over the years, as you grow and change.

Your brand is a key part of bringing someone in, of making them feel comfortable and valued for who they are, and this is done by being true to who you are, to be honest and maybe a little bit weird, your logo is the anchor for that introduction into your brand. Both should be a gateway for your story, both should be the starting point where people ask you, "so, who are you?", and then your door is opened, they're interested, and they want to get to know the person you are.

I can help  you create that brand; the one that is unique to you, the one that tells your story in a creative and meaningful way.

Web Design


While your brand is the unique key, your website is the instruction manual.

What does the potential client do with the information they've begun to learn? How do they use it, and what will they use it for? Your website should be simple enough to easily find the answers to their questions, but still be true to who you are, and to what you do.

Your website is where you will have all the information they could possibly need, and if that information isn't on there, they need to be able to get in touch with you and figure it out, or to get in touch to start a conversation.

Don't skimp out on your website, while it plays a different role than your brand, it's definitely of equal importance.

I can create a space for all that you are, where a potential client will be pulled in, where conversations will be started.