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i'm rachel nicole

hello, and welcome.

i'm rachel nicole, if you hadn't already figured that one out, and there is a lot that makes up my sassy and intricate personality, but to start off, there are three things you should know:




i.       i was created to create.

i am an artist in every essence of the word.
when i was young, i saw my future as an artist in Paris, a crimson beret on my head and a palette in my hand, easily brushing the strokes of the Eiffel tower onto my canvas.
although i don't do a lot of painting anymore, and i have yet to step foot in france (hold tight - this is going to happen), the dream in and of itself has very much become my reality.

created to create. why? because i was created for a greater purpose than to just see this beautiful world that we live in. i was created, specifically, by a God who knows and loves every bit of me, and the reason for that is to show who He is by how i view the world, to create beauty through the eyes and with the hands that He gave me.
i was truly created to create. i was given breath to give breath to art.


iI.       i must wander.

i am a wanderer, vagabond, adventurer, and have severe wanderlust. i am European at heart, and it is a dream of mine to live in France one day.

i have currently visited Austria, Hungary, Italy, Costa Rica, and Canada outside of the US where i live, and probably need to explore the states on a deeper level (i’ve been to eight), but i am always down for an adventure, and have visited both palaces and abandoned places (bandos). i have a love for both, but i must say, and this surprises people every time i do, but i think i prefer the bandos.

there's such a story to be told in both, but i feel that story, the emotion, the decaying rawness of the building that doesn't look as pristine and perfect in a deeper way. it makes me feel alive, and i want to adventure through that story, capture, and share it.

i also like to experience different cultures and different foods. there's nothing that will make you feel like the world is big than travelling to a culture so unlike your own, surrounded by people who don't understand the words you say. frustrating as it can be, it's so beautiful.


iii.       i’m busier than a bee, probably

you may have noticed by the amount of things i do, that i do way too many things. i am constantly busy and never bored. whenever i think i have a free moment, i typically start a new project…and then remember that i have a whole bunch of things that i should be doing. that’s fine. maybe?

i have so many hobbies that it is very difficult to choose the ones that stay and the ones that i let go of, so i typically swerve back and forth through them. but go ahead and take a look around! choose your favorites and let me know what you like!

or don’t. that’s also fine. i’m cool with that.



there's really no way that with one simple about me page is going to work the same way that sitting down for coffee will, and as much as i would love to sit down with you and get to know you, that isn't really a possibility.

so, look around, browse this site, go take a look at my social media, email me, ask me a question, tell me about an experience that changed your perspective, whatever it may be. i can't promise the most speedy response, but i can promise a response. you are incredible, it doesn't matter if i don't know you personally...everyone i've met so far has something incredible in them, and i assure you, you are no different.