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i'm rachel nicole

hello, and welcome.

i'm rachel nicole, if you hadn't already figured that one out, and there is a lot that makes up my sassy and intricate personality, but to start off, there are three things you should know:




i.       i was created to create.

i am an artist in every essence of the word.
when i was young, i saw my future as an artist in Paris, a crimson beret on my head and a painting palette in my hand, easily brushing the strokes of the eiffel tower onto my canvas.
although i don't do a lot of painting anymore, and i have yet to step foot in france (hold tight - this is going to happen), the dream in and of itself has very much become my reality.

created to create. why? because i was created for a greater purpose than to just see this beautiful world that we live in. i was created, specifically, by a God who knows and loves every bit of me, and the reason for that is to show who He is by how i view the world, to create beauty through the eyes and with the hands that He gave me.
i was truly created to create. i was given breath to give breath to art.


iI.       i must wander.

iam a wanderer, vegabond, adventurer, and have severe wanderlust. i am european at heart, and i would adore to live in france one day.

i have currently visited austria, hungary, italy, and costa rica, and probabably need to explore the states on a deeper level, but i am always down for an adventure, and have visted both palaces and abandoned places (bandos). i have a love for both, but i must say, and this surprises people every time i do, but i think i prefer the bandos.

there's such a story to be told in both, but i feel that story, the emotion, the decaying rawness of the building that doesn't look as pristine and perfect in a deeper way. it makes me feel alive, and i want to adventure through that story, capture, and share it.

i also like to experience different cultures and different foods. there's nothing that will make you feel like the world is big, than travelling to a culture so unlike your own, surrounded by people who don't understand the words you say. frustrating as can be, it's so beautiful.

european at heart


iii.       i adore coffee and i abhor bananas.

meeting someone for the first time, getting a hella ton of work done, hanging out with old friends, a disposable hand warmer...

honestly, coffee has so many uses, i could go on and on, but the important thing to note here is that coffee plays a major role in my life. i like to say that i'm not addicted to it, but i know that i can't live without it. i mean, i have a whole page here dedicated to coffee.

but also i promise i'm normal.

put a banana anywhere near me and i will scream and run in whatever direction leads to the farthest point from you.

why? i don't know. my friends say that there had to have been a bad experience of some kind, because who goes from eating bananas daily to hating even the word?

me. i do.



there's really no way that with one simple about me page is going to work the same way that sitting down for coffee will, and as much as i would love to sit down with you and get to know you, that isn't really a possibility.

so, look around, browse this site, go take a look at my social media, email me, ask me a question, tell me about an experience that changed your perspective, whatever it may be. i can't promise the most speedy response, but i can promise a response. you are incredible, it doesn't matter if i don't know you personally...everyone i've met so far has something incredible in them, and i assure you, you are no different.