my name is rachel nicole, i am a believer, an adventurer, an artist, and a dreamer, and i was created to create. 

i'm so beyond stoked you're here.


quick synopsis

I laugh at everything

sometimes i think it's obnoxious how much i laugh, but people tell me they don't mind it at all because it makes them feel less awkward and more like they could jumpstart their comedic career.

i abhor bananas

not only do i abhor them, but i am actually terrified of them. i really don't know why, as i used to eat them every day. my friends are convinced that some horror story happened, but i don't know man.

i adore coffee

or maybe i adore the aesthetic? i do have an incredible love for coffee, either way, and i probably consume too much on the daily, but caffeine only effects me when you need it to, so why not?



basically, this is all the non-important, but very unique stuff that makes me, me... to learn about me on a deeper level, click below

DSC04769 copy 2.jpg

what exactly do i do?

too much, probably, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? here's a brief glimpse at the many things i'm involved in.

click/roll over each image for more details.

Basically i'm just trying to live my life as fully and as truthfully raw as i can, and that's really dang exciting to me. so join me, why don't you?